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Reed Plummer is Central Coast Drones.

Photographing and instinctively pointing a camera at the ocean for the last decade has enabled Reed to capture awe inspiring beauty within our natural world. Being a local to Terrigal in NSW for over 20 years has resulted in him building a comprehensive portfolio of beautiful images within The Central Coast.

Experimenting with the relationship of water and light and concerned with the paradoxical nature of the ocean, Reed’s images generate emotive connections and highlight the notion of why we are so connected to nature.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Design in Photography & Situated Media, Reed’s artistic vision pursued with a new bird’s eye perspective when introduced to drones and aerial photography. Reed has obtained CASA Certification and has experience with drones in many aspects of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) services, including commercial adverts, events, infrastructure projects and Real Estate.

With a passion for mother nature along with consistently spending time in the air, Reed has seen things many people do not get to see or even know are happening in their own backyards. Whether aiming to educate and inform the public by showcasing the relationship with our environment around us or capturing seascapes and patterns in nature, Central Coast Drones presents The Central Coast like you have never seen before.

CASA Certified

All UAV operations conducted by Central Coast Drones are covered by public liability insurance.


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